sharing information

When you effectively share information online, you will increase engagement with your target audience. 

Nonprofits and small businesses must have a strategy for communicating with their target audience.  There are so many options for communicating online it is hard to know what combination of websites, blogs, social media and email marketing will work best for you. If your organization does not know which outlets to use or how to manage them all effectively, Knowledge Linking can help.

Services include:

  • Communication strategy development customized to your particular audience, budget and abilities.
  • Design and setup of websites, Facebook pages, Twitter streams, blogs, and email newsletters.
  • Training on technical aspects and best practices of managing online communication outlets.
  • Direct management and content development for online communication outlets.

Examples of past projects:

  • Client: Pediatrician’s office
    Client’s objective: To communicate more often with the families they serve.
    My work: Designed and conducted a communications survey to learn more about clients’ preferences; developed a communications strategy based on survey results; contribute high-interest content to their Facebook page.
  • Client: Childcare facility
    Client’s objective: To figure out how to communicate more easily with the families of the children they work with.
    My work: Designed a communication strategy including the addition of a Facebook page. Trained staff on best practices and technical aspects of managing the page.
  • Client: Massage therapist for animals
    Client’s objective: To attract clients by launching an online presence for her new business.
    My work: Designed and launched a website and provided training on managing a Facebook page.