organizing information

When your information is easily findable, your team will save time and money.

Your organization collects and creates hundreds or even thousands of resources each year. But no one can use those amazing resources if they can’t put their finger on them quickly.

Knowledge Linking has extensive experience in knowledge management — creating customized systems that allow you to spend your time using information instead of looking for it.

Services include:

  • Creation and maintenance of customized databases for both internal and external use.
  • Creation of customized metadata (tags, keywords, authority lists, thesauri, taxonomies) so that users can search in a variety of ways.
  • Documentation of standards and procedures for ongoing cataloging of materials.

Examples of past projects:

  • Client: Professional development consultant for educators
    Client’s objective: To have a system for lending books to teachers.
    My work: Created a database holding thousands of entries cataloged by reading level, series, type of writing, and school subject.
  • Client: A Boston hospital
    Client’s objective: To make content from their annual poster session searchable on their website.
    My work: Created a database holding hundreds of academic posters categorized by the Institute of Medicine’s Six Aims of Quality Healthcare.