finding information

When you have access to high-quality information, your team will make evidence-based decisions.

Sure, anyone can do a search on the Internet these days. But are you sure that what you have found is the best information available? Consider how much more confident you would be if you had a professional librarian on your side.

Knowledge Linking is skilled in advanced search techniques and has access to high-quality information sources beyond what is available for free on the Internet.

Services include:

  • Literature reviews to provide background information on a given topic.
  • Location of data (e.g. demographics, sales, health conditions, etc) to support your work.
  • Alert services to keep you updated daily/monthly/quarterly about the latest news, research and resources.

Examples of past projects:

  • Client:  Famous American toy maker
    Client’s objective: To get early education nonprofits to purchase toys from them at a discount.
    My work:  Provided leads by profiling early education nonprofits that had received over $25,000 in grants toward purchasing materials for their programs.
  • Client:  A New England hospital
    Client’s objective: To make department-created resources available hospital-wide.
    My work: Interviewed each of the hospital’s 30 departments about their knowledge assets and made recommendations on the process of bringing these assets available to hospital-wide.
  • Client:  Internet safety organization
    Client’s objective: To provide the latest statistics and research on internet safety on their website, reports and grant applications..
    My work: Provided answers to specific questions as well as ongoing news and research alerts.