BrandyKingKnowledge Linking was established in 2011 by Brandy King. With a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, over a decade of experience as an information specialist, and several board level positions in library associations, Ms. King is a skilled and respected independent information professional.

While attending Smith College and working in the library, Ms. King was inspired by the librarians who could instantly put their fingers on any piece of information they were asked for. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English and Women’s Studies, she went on to earn her master’s degree from Simmons College.

Ms. King started her career at the Kessler Health Education Library at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, then moved on to the Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH) at Children’s Hospital Boston where she worked for eight years. She created and maintained the CMCH Database of Research, the world’s first database of scientific research on media and child health. She provided reference services for a team of doctoral level staff and lead the Center to adopt social media as an outreach tool in 2006. She went on to manage the entire digital presence of CMCH including a website, two blogs, a Facebook page, a Twitter stream and an e-newsletter.

Ms. King has authored one book — Finding the Concept, Not Just the Word: A Librarian’s Guide to Ontologies and Semantics  — as well as several academic articles and book chapters. She was profiled in Information Outlook magazine and has received numerous awards including the Special Libraries Association Innovations in Technology Award, the Massachusetts Health Science Libraries Association Professional Award, and a listing in the Likeable Media’s (formerly The KBuzzTop 40 Facebook Pages of 2010. She is the Chair of the Social Science Division of the Special Libraries Association and is an active member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals and the Massachusetts Health Science Libraries Association.

A sample of LinkedIn recommendations from clients, supervisors, colleagues, and interns:

Brandy does not hesitate to take on extremely challenging projects and she is extraordinarily capable of locating a wide array of resources to execute her vision. Brandy is a model for her professional colleagues. She is deeply engaged within her professional circles and goes far beyond just knowing what is going on in the field–she is leading the field.

Brandy is both a broad and focused thinker – she can see the big picture and can quickly turn it into a concise message for others. Four words for Brandy: wisdom, excellence, trust, charm.

Brandy is an inspiring information professional who clearly understands the value social media can have toward broadening the reach of an organization’s mission. She demonstrated to me firsthandhow librarians can transcend their traditional roles by clearly thinking through their audiences.

Brandy is a naturally warm and energetic leader, patient and positive and a delight to work with. Herexpertise in connecting people with new ideas and information in ways that are most effective and persuasive – and her natural ability to teach others the best practices for doing so – has forever changed the ways in which I think about my professional correspondence and communication with colleagues and external audiences.